"Programming isn't about what you know; it's about what you can figure out." - Chris Pine


As a tyro, we are curious about kenning different programming languages and especially their syntax. But at each stage of learning, we come up with incipient doubts. When my professor introduced me to programming languages in my first introduction class, my doubts were "why do we have so many programming languages?", "Are all languages basically the same?" “Do all languages perform the same task?", “Why are new languages still being made?" and "What language should I learn and how many?"

Why do we have so many programming languages?

It’s similar to languages we speak or you can take a example of spoon. We have different type and different size of spoon, like we use small size of spoon to add sugar in tea and slightly bigger spoon to drink soup and big spoon to serve dessert or something in big amount. Similarly, we have different type of programming language. Like C language is meant to be a basic and first language that a beginner should learn and python is easy to use and code are small as compared to C or C++. Making a new language is same as writing note of our own. A person who know how to make a language, he make according to his comfort. If it’s good then it gains popularity, but if not then it became obsolete. Like python now has gained a huge popularity due to it’s simple syntax and it’s code are executed faster than other languages. And also due to its corporate sponsorship and big supportive community of python, python has many libraries.

Are all languages basically the same?

If we see on a basic level all languages are same. “What does basically these languages do?” these languages turns our thoughts into the 1’s and 0’s that the computer understands. But talking on interface level, not all languages are same. Each language serves a specific purpose. Take an easy example like electric car doesn’t use fuel similarly we don’t have to learn java or python when we do IOS app development. For IOS app development we just need to learn Swift.

Why are new languages still being made?

As a human nature we want to do work in an easy way and as fast as it is possible. Similar case with these languages. We always come up with new languages with new feature and module which is easy to learn and code. And there is a few different paradigms like object oriented and functional. And each language also have different executing time of code, syntax, number of libraries, and different language have debugging difficulty.

What language should I learn and how many?

After listening to so many names of programming languages, the main doubt that evolve is “which language and how many should I learn”. You starting as a beginner, I would suggest that you should initially start learning with a common and best language C. Or you can also start with JavaScript or python also. Starting up with python is ok as it is easy to learn but if you start with C or C++ then python becomes way easy to understand. Starting learning a programming language also depends on your preference of job and higher studies. But as you start learning a get know about these things then you will automatically able to make choice.

For Language
IOS development Swift
App Development JavaScript. C#, C++, Python, Kotlin
Games C, Python, C++, DarkBASIC
Business application Java, C, C++, Python
Web application JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP


At end I just want to tell that don’t get confused with these many language. Starting learning with any one language and when you will get to know about it and do some practice on any online platform and as you research further you will automatically get to know in which domain you are interested. And then you will automatically figure it out which language you have to learn deeply.I just given you an idea, there are many languages that you can learn. But I will also recommend you to learn Python as it is now fast growing language which is now in a huge demand like in Machine Learning, AI, etc.